Church Tithing at Historic Lows, Aided by Charity silent Auctions

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When the economy goes south, attendance at places of worship tends to rise while giving decreases. People are looking for answers but, at the same time, their finances are tightening. The first step for many churches will be to attempt cutbacks. Church members usually would like to help fix the financial problem and are willing to participate in the solution. In the past several years, numerous churches have started hosting annual charity auctions.

Having an annual live auction and silent silent auction basket auction can really add something special to your church and also allows the congregation to fellowship in a fun environment. It can also be an effective way to reach out to the neighborhood surrounding your church. Often, the community is not aware of all the ways that the church is ministering to those in need in the area.

Unfortunately, when the church’s budget is tight, it is often unable to continue supporting missionaries and other mission projects. Instead of eliminating the funds dedicated to these or other causes, the proceeds of the charity auction could go to benefit these specific needs. Therefore, the cost to the church is still decreased without the elimination of important mission projects.

When faithful church members are aware of the difficult financial circumstances that their church is in, they are more that willing to get involved and help solve the problem. Committees can be set up to conquer bite-sized tasks to tackle the whole event. Many businesses are willing to donate necessary items for the auction in exchange for the marketing of their company at the event.

Successful charity auctions are fun, entertaining, and informative social get-togethers. The event can be hosted on a tight budget and can produce amazing revenues from willing donors. Add church-style potluck and you’ve got a fun night of fellowship with your congregation.